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Motor Yacht Cruises

Motor Yacht Cruises

The Sea Ray 450 Sundancer was one of the largest and innovative sportcruisers since the first moment she was introduced. Her open styling has held up well over the years and with a extra wide beam she offers a particularly comfortable interior in very elegant surroundings. With two private staterooms[…]

Blue Lagoon from Ormos Panagias

Blue Lagoon from Ormos Panagias

Blue Lagoon is a cruise trip perfect for you, if you want to spend a day enjoying the sea, sun and the amazing landscapes of the islands of Halkidiki. We will set off on the traditional sailing ship having as our destination the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki like the[…]

Day tour to Thessaloniki city from Sithonia

Day Tour Thessaloniki City

Departure from Sithonia to Thessaloniki city every week. Tour of the historical city centre, visit to museums, Archaeological or Byzantine, free time for shopping, eating,  and relaxation, and the afternoon return to your hotel. Day tour to Thessaloniki city from Sithonia every week Explore the history of Thessaloniki with style[…]

Amazing Hiking Tour of Mt. Itamos

The Amazing Hiking Trip of Mt. Itamos

Do you love hiking in a green forest admiring breathtaking views? If so, the Amazing Hiking Tour of Mt. Itamos from Sea Kayak Halkidiki is for you! The Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki, Greece is best known for its beaches. However, there is no better way to admire the coastline than[…]

Tickets - Mount Athos Cruise - Ormos Panagias

Mount Athos Cruise (Ormos Panagias)

The traditional ship  departs from Ormos Panagia’s port at 09.30 in the morning, it sails along the Sithonia’s bays until we reach our first destination which is Mount Athos at the south top and monastery of Saint Paul. Tickets to Mount Athos Cruise from Ormos Panagias We continue with a[…]

Cruise to Mount Athos from Ouranoupoli - Calypso Cruise

Mount Athos Cruise (Ouranoupoli)

We start our journey at 11:00 from the port of Ouranoupoli, a small village at the edge of the frontier between the Holy Mountain and the rest of the world. Cruises to Mount Athos from Ouranoupoli port After about 5 minutes of sailing we meet the borders of the monasterial[…]

Scuba Diving Sithonia

Scuba Diving Sithonia Halkidiki If you are beach lovers you can enjoy the seabed area by scuba diving. Even the rich marine environment of Sithonia Halkidiki can provide pleasant surprises for lovers of fishing.   Snorkeling Activities in Sithonia Halkidiki, You can enjoy most of the beauty of underwater Sithonia by[…]

Sailing Cruises Sithonia

Sailing cruises and tours in Sithonia Halkidiki A memorable sailing experience day can be enjoyed exploring the treasures of Kelyfos island and the natural harbors near Porto Carras Resort. On board you can enjoy meals of your preference and be assured of the services of an experienced skipper. Our first[…]

Rent a boat

Rental Boats

Rent a boat and explore the secret beauty of Vourvourou A unique way to be in-love with Vourvourou The Vourvourou allows you to taste all the goods of the world. A unique way to see it is to rent a small boat and tour in a beautiful group of islands[…]

Sea Kayak Experience Vourvourou

  Sea Kayak – a unique adventure experience Nearby you can try a trip by kayak and visit the islands of Vourvourou with this unique way.   Vourvourou Blue Coves Sea Kayak Tour 5 hours Beautiful scenery, crystal turquoise waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling, this kayak trip has it[…]