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Golden beaches as far as the eye can see ensure that Halkidiki is a great destination for family holidays!!!


Halkidiki Greece

In Halkidiki, they have a saying – about how the three peninsulas which stretch out below the northern Greek mainland accord with the different stages of a man’s life.

The first finger, Kassandra, is bright and bustling, with a busy nightlife. It is said that this is for the man who wants to find himself a woman.

The second finger, Sithonia, is best for the man who has won his beloved’s heart and wants a romantic break (or for couples with children).

The third finger, dominated by Mount Athos, holds 2,500 Orthodox monks. Women – even female animals – have been banned for nearly 1,000 years. This is for the man whose woman has left him; who is seeking sanctuary, and comfort, in God.



Sithonia is the central Halkidiki’s peninsula, possessing all prerequisites for a tranquil and active vacation. Night owls aren’t neglected either since Sithonia disposes of beach bars, although not in numbers characteristic of Kassandra. Anyhow, if you are a fan of a splendid and diverse nature, Sithonia is going to delight you.

Moving further gets you into a splendid natural environment where the greenery and the turquoise sea blend perfectly into one another. The amazing unity is enriched by numerous small secluded golden beaches that are surrounded by trees and other vegetation. It isn’t impossible to find a beach only for yourselves on Sithonia.